Not all who wander…


You know how some times things are; one minute you’re busy making new things, getting excited about the ripening tomato crop and hoping for the best and the next your tortoise breaks out of his cage and the rain comes along with the bills, and the specially tailored suit of optimism dissolves into a puddle of despondency round your ankles. Yes it’s good to start a new blog post on a note of gloom, especially when writing has been long over due. Don’t be put off.

So I have been sending the chickens out as a search party, looking for the escapee but they are silly fluffy birds and only care about food and fawning over their flashy brother/boyfriend. I have named them Clarice and Cora (the twins from Gormenghast) and Tortoise never did get a name so can not answer when I call him even if he wanted too. It’s very sad.


The search meant that I missed going to the Home and Gift Trade Fair in Harrogate where my cards were once again on show with Natural Partners Ltd. My “Girl and Bear” image seems to be quite popular and they’d used it as a poster on the stand as part of the Best of British Showcase Trail. Hopefully they took plenty of orders…

Meanwhile I’m flitting from one thing to another, making some new lino prints and building a small herd of bears. The bears are needle felted, a new obsession after a lesson from Susie of Drawn By Badgers ( she made me the lovely polar bear you might have seen in previous posts). This feather winged and beaded polar bear is my first attempt… ( see, those chicks are useful )


I normally re- read my last post before writing but the internet is so slow that I didn’t bother this time, so I’ve forgotten where left you… before Willowman I think? This is a lesson to me that I must either write frequently of not at all because I now have too much to say and not enough time without lulling you ( and me) to sleep as I ramble on. Instead I will make yet another resolution to write more often and try to be a bit more inspiring. A giveaway competition perhaps to thank those of you who still keep in touch.

I’m off to draw squirrels now for a possible illustration commission and tomorrow will see me on my hands and knees in the long grass, searching for a tiny, perfectly camouflaged creature. Wish me luck. x




3 responses to “Not all who wander…

  1. Good luck with the search x

  2. hope you find him(her) the turtle:) lovely needle felting..nice to see a post from you i am just starting up blogging again too!
    xo katy

  3. As always, enjoy hearing what is happening on Witchmountain…..hope that wayward turtle is home by now. Love, love, love your bear. I have a most beautiful Otter from Susie from Drawn by Badgers……she made him at my suggestion as Otters are my favorite animal…….if someone who loves all animals can have a favorite! But to me they are like cats who live in the water, so combine two worlds wonderfully.

    Loving the photos too.

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