Did  the army mobilise their forces last week to save me from despair?  No of course not, not really, they just flew round and round the house in circles while we surveyed the wreckage of an outbuilding and the empty tortoise house through a haze of disbelief and insultingly glorious sunshine. It’s hard not to wallow in self pity, it truly was an awful week but tragicomic in places which kind of made it worse! So first, a big thank you for all the kind words after Mr Tortoise went missing… and all the sympathy when he was found. I was so upset that Rupert decided to whisk me away to the Lakes to find solace in the mountains in the camper van…unfortunately the bikes came too.


I’m not an easy person when filled with sorrow and the unfairness of life.  Even the beauty of the hills and the stillness of the lakes made me cry and really nothing but time or whiskey was going to snap me out of it…least of all a bike ride. I’m not sure why we did it but we ended up setting off on a “gentle” mountain bike ride on the hottest Sunday for a million years. I won’t go in to details, but I basically went for a very long WALK with a lump of black and green metal that was too exhausting to ride uphill and too terrifying to ride downhill. Eyes blurry with hot tears of resentment I cursed that bike and every cyclist or smiling hiker that passed me by; eventually hurling it to the ground with foul obscenities, I sat in a stream and sulked like a toddler, the bruises already showing up purple and green like the hill sides.


Well, guess what… after getting home that evening we woke in the morning  to discover that all my dreams had come true, the bike was gone, stolen ( almost as if I has arranged it) along with Jake’s motorbike and all my garden power tools. The robbers had pulled the entire window frame and stone lintel out of the building and carefully removed rolls of barbed wire, plant pots and old speaker boxes ( an attempt to foil them after the last break in which the landlord hadn’t repaired)  to nick our stuff…we were too tired from “cycling” to be disturbed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or just go back to bed in disgust. So, yes, the past two weeks have been pretty crappy, we’ve all missed precious days at work and spent a lot of time talking to policemen about security measures  and enduring the smirks of people who find it hard to keep a straight face when you tell them your tortoise ran away …but with the help of some flying bears, a few good friends and all the lovely people in the virtual world ( that means you) , I think we might be through the worst ( fingers crossed, touch wood). I’ve planted wild flowers on the little Tortoise’s grave and am contemplating a commemorative tattoo ( sorry Daddy!).


Meanwhile I’m hooked on needle felting , thanks to Susie, and since Jake is worried that I will fill the house with tiny bears I hereby announce a Giveaway!!!


To celebrate the almost reaching of 1,000 likes on Facebook and to thank you for reading this blog I will be giving away the little brown Celestial Bear as soon as the magic number is reached. To enter just leave a comment below ( you don’t have to be on Facebook but if you are, please do that like and share thing ) and I will announce the winner shortly.


The polar bears will be in my Etsy shop soon and until next we meet, take care and be nice to each other. x


6 responses to “Pathos

  1. It’s been a hard time lately…….I’m so sorry that to add to the problems and sorrows you had that break-in…..I hate thieves.
    It’s hard to know what to say when someone looses a little friend……I’m sorry.

    Loving your bears, as usual…………now they have found the third dimension they are even lovelier.

  2. Dear Kim, Reading this latest post, coming just after the sad news of the little muse, made me want to cry , rant and rage along with you. I am all too familiar with those dark clouds that follow one when you are already saddened , particularly by loss and then to have even more loss added atop that, (of another sort,but still feels as if all the gods or universe is conspiring against you) just compounds one’s sense of hopelessness and despair . I will not offer you any advice. as you better than anyone, know how you will eventually find your way back to the light and the ways in which you have to deal with things till the clouds shift again. All I can say , is I truly hope that your heart will feel lighter soon and that the good things in your life will outweigh the unhappy things.. I love your idea of a turtle tattoo ~ a wonderful way to pay tribute to and honor your wee friend and your bears are magical~ all these things I hope that will go some way to healing your heart. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Oh, when sorrows come, they come in batallions. So sorry, let’s hpe thats the end of it for you and you have a better week. Love the little brown celestial bear and would like to enter the giveaway. Have shared on Facebook.
    Jacqui xx

  4. Judith Clarke

    What a wonderful and generous way to lighten your recent burdens. ID LOve the little bear. Hope things start to improve soon. Know what you mean about the bikes though! Grrr

  5. Fear not, dear Kim. Brighter days will come and tortoise memories are there to warm you, not to harm you. Celestial tortoises hold the universe in place.

  6. Oh Kim, so sorry to hear all your sad news. Here’s hoping for the summer sun to bring some brightness to your days and some happy memories. X

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