Wolf at the Door


What a beautiful day! (apologies for a rotten photograph)  I felt like flinging open the window and shouting “Anne of Green Gables” but the reality is my arms are numb and  fizzing with some sort of inbuilt amphetamine/stress hormone and I’m feeling guilty for spamming you all with my problems. Since Thursday the Trustees have pretty much ignored me, until today when I got a text saying the agent will be here this evening , presumably with eviction papers. Feel more like Anne Boleyn than Anne of Green Gables!

Sara has started a petition and I have to say, whatever happens here, I have been overwhelmed by the response and supportive comments.I am sure if they want me out they will get me out but there are bigger issues at stake here which is why I’m asking you to read, share and if you feel able, sign the petition.




In other news this cat will be heading off to the charity exhibition Art For Youth, North next month. It is a piece I did at college and hopefully someone might buy it and raise money for the charity. Artists pay to take part and also donate a percentage of the sale price. All the artists also donate a “mystery picture” worth £45 which is sold anonymously , the buyer only discovers who the piece is by afterwards.


Well, now I’m off to chat with the chickens.I want to know their views on the landed gentry, UKIP and the pros and cons of the feudal system. Can you keep chickens in council flats? Is there still such a thing as a council flat!?

A belated Happy Autumn Equinox from Witchmountain.

12 responses to “Wolf at the Door

  1. It is NOT a rotten photograph! I like it…..are you indicating I have ‘rotten’ taste? lol I signed the petition, although it was done more to show you my support than to influence ‘the landed gentry’ who I don’t believe have any hearts to be influenced……

  2. Death Kat I have signed your petition and so hope you don’t have to move! With love and light x

  3. Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I signed and wrote a lengthy comment on the petition yesterday, but also was able to get at least three friends to sign and to post to their facebook pages even though none of them were aware of your blog prior to the petition. . I have a feeling that anyone who could even consider doing as your” landlords” (how very medieval / feudal and apt that suddenly sounds in the context of this situation!) have done in this situation. have no real understanding nor compassion when it comes to the lives of others ~ so how can one possibly appeal to their higher selves~ I suspect there is no higher self to appeal to. I do however have hope they will at least examine their conscience for two minutes, upon reading how others view their unethical (and cowardly really) behavior. Wishing all the best to you and yours . I know it is going to be difficult on so many levels, but you seem to have a lot of moral support . Hope too you can keep all your followers updated. I know I am certainly very concerned and hope something miraculous will happen in your favour.

    • Thank you Val. The moral support is truly amazing and will hopefully keep me going when the shock, anger and dismay become a practical reality. Just now I’m fixated on my garden and who will get to eat the garlic and onion sets I just planted! Also, new homes for chickles, cat and silly ponies.one step at a time xxx

  4. Oh gosh! I wish I could do something more substantial to help you! It is so unjust and wish more could actively be done to help out .~ in a tangible way. If you must give the chickens and ponies other homes, I hope it will be to people you know there already who will give them the same care and love ~ maybe you can even visit them? Terribly frustrating when you(me) want to do more and simply cannot. Just know that many people do care , even though we have never met~I j know you are a kindred spirit in many ways through your words , photos, and art .Take care of yourself too.

  5. Dear Kim I was so shocked and horrified when I read what was happening to you (i have signed the petition). I hope this abominable eviction does not go ahead . I also hope that if you have to go that you will return the cottage back to the natural state it was in when you first arrived, including the garden, I am sure you must have friends who would love and cherish your plants in their gardens until you have found somewhere else.I have not heard of anything so corrupt for a long time… is there nothing in the trust that can be questioned?
    and why can this ‘neighbour’ have so much say in evicting you and installing her son, why would the trust listen to her and not you… I suspect foul play?
    I wish you luck and help and will watch with bated breath, and keep my fingers crossed that a miracle will happen for you and your family xxx

  6. Just a quick note Kim, Reading the previous comment by Lynn, I too wondered the same thing as soon as I read your first post talking about the bomb that was dropped by your neighbour~ What possible influence does she or her son have with the Trust that would over-ride or influence to such a degree their decision ?! ~ It makes you think that somehow these people have an ‘in’ with the landlord or someone equally influential with the landlords , that has acted on their behalf with landlords, to throw you out and allow them to move in or that these ‘neighbour’s of yours are offering something, some service or deal that would be advantageous in some way to the landlords? It really makes you wonder as it HAS to be something like that. People never do anything arbitrarily (or rarely)~ they are more likely to make decisions based on having a vested interest or that it will be to their advantage on some way. I really hope you will dig up ALL your plants and give them away if you cannot take them yourself. Leave nothing , no vestige of anything beautiful or useful that you have done, so these yobs inherit none of your create efforts at all. I am so furious , just on the principle of the whole thing. Hope you will keep all your readers updated if possible. Hugs.

    • If the worst happens then yes, the garden will be given away or I’ll have a “digging things up party” to raise money for charity! People who don’t garden don’t realise that each plant tells a story and often, such as the irises that were my grandmas, hold sentimental meaning.
      The back story is that the farmer has a “3 generation tenancy” and when their relatives on another farm retired ( due to leave in April) they expected to be given extra land and the farm house. They were furious when the land was given to another ( lovely)farming family and I assume that,partly out of spite, they have made a massive fuss and demanded that their son be given a home (I’m not sure but I think he is a sheep shearer and only works part time on the farm…they don’t always get on that well apparently. He is currently living in the retired uncle’s bungalow … See. It’s complicated) meanwhile no one knows what the estate plan for the empty farmhouse … Holiday let perhaps…I have no idea.

  7. p.S Forgive all the typos in my comment~ that is what comes from writing in a fevered temper!

  8. It all sounds quite complicated and would have to learn more about just what a three generation tenancy entails exactly~ I am glad to hear however that you fully intend on having a plant give away party and I know exactly how you feel about your plants~ in many respects they are just another form of living thing we have nurtured, cared for and coddled ~ they become as well known and loved . Sometimes starting from a wee seed or a bulb~ plants given to you by good friends, or family , like my own grandmother who is gone , I would never leave the plants behind that she gave me years ago now. Thank you for taking the time to try and explain. Sending positive energy your direction.

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