The Natural Habitat…


Here is October again and the garden is full of bumble bees feasting on Michaelmas Daisies before they go where ever bumble bees go for Winter. The honey bees left the moor long ago and the swallows not far behind.The house still feels warm to the touch where the sandstone has soaked up the Indian Summer sunshine but this morning there was ice on the windscreen and tomorrow its all due to change. I do feel very cross that I have not felt able to enjoy what could be the last summer days I will ever spend here. Where will I be when the curlews return?


So there is not much to report since I last wrote. The land agent visited and confirmed that the Trustees want me out to make way for my unfriendly neighbour’s son. All my other neighbours are being wonderful; I have been drowning in the milk of human kindness as people offer support and express their concern. Good things have come out of this… mainly the realisation that there are so many people who care and that there is kindness and generosity out there in the world. The Trustees and the mean neighbours are outnumbered in the end, for what it’s worth.

Never the less, living with uncertainty and change and knowing things will never be the same is not good for anyone. Even people who want to move find it unsettling. I see the people who are going to take my home from me everyday and its like being the victim of a violent crime and having to pass the criminal in the street daily. I most resent the fact that all my energies are now consumed with looking for a home when I should be preparing for BCTF and not boring you stupid with petitions and stuff.

I wanted to tell you all about my lovely visit to the Masham Gallery last week and the beautiful work I saw there, about the jewel- like tomatoes I grew in the Freecycle greenhouse, about new work and books and music…but that will have to wait until next time. Just right now I’m looking back before I take a step forward in to the unknown.


Thank you so very very much for the wonderful response to the petition. I wish I could invite you all round for coffee and cake just so I could thank you in person. x



5 responses to “The Natural Habitat…

  1. Hello Kim. A beautiful post ~ both your words and heartfelt thoughts and lovely images~ It is very poignant reading your mixed feelings about it all. It is wonderful to know at least, that there are many more people who stand with you and support you than those who have made this a miserable situation~ even folks you have never met and who have not even read your blog have reached out with sympathy and understanding . Isn’t that just like a kind of microcosm of the world itself? More people who are caring and kind but ALWAYS a few bastards that love making others as miserable as they are? I think you are remarkable in your ability to continue to look at and for the positive in things, as well as able to enjoy and appreciate beauty even in the midst of uncertainty and inevitable, forced change ! Sending positive energies in your direction. Thank you too for letting your followers /blog readers know what is going on currently. I know everyone wants and hopes for the best for you and your family now and the easiest transition possible (although I know that is a very tall order and maybe next to impossible really) but still hope for that none-the-less.

  2. Love your resilience and the story is very sad, but ’twas ever thus’ however the so called rich are not always as happy as those that are creative and giving..
    You have been the guardian of that wonderful place and I would not destroy it when you go, Best surely to have the memory of what you created in your minds eye, to take just what is practical to start again.
    I was lucky and managed to buy my two up two down in south London where I lived for many years. My favourite thing was a single Ash Tree that for some reason was trapped in my tiny garden from an earlier Great wood,
    It got sick and had to be taken down just after my mother died in unexpected and sad circumstances, It seemed the right time to move on I was fortunate that my long term partner decided to move with me
    We lost our potential new home at the last minute but friends minded all my cuttings and things in pots and watered them, The large chunk of root from my Auntie Con’ rhubarb survived too,. (She and her sister had lost their sweethearts in the Great War, lived together for the rest of their lives and yet were the most resourceful people I had ever met).
    We have made a new garden.on the south coast, But this time I know it is not ‘mine’ it will outlive both of us, Someone else may not like it and change it but it is creating it that has been important and that can not be taken away by anyone
    Treasure your memories, your creativity, take only what you need, By the sound of it someone will help you to find somewhere else where you will thrive. Bitterness it not good for the soul you have what sounds like a wonderfully supportive daughter. keep safe. take care Annx

  3. I’m just hoping that around the corner, maybe just out of view to you right now, is a wonderful solution to this situation……..I hope so with all my heart!
    Best wishes to you from a friend across half the world ……….in Australia. xoxo

  4. Of all things, it was the Northern Echo that brought me here today. IN all honesty, I wish I’d known about your blog earlier, as I have some major catching up to do!

    You and your family should not have to deal with this threat, and having to deal with these issues on a daily basis, and create such a wonderfully well compiled blog is a testament to your resolve. (I’d be in pieces myself!)

    I’ve signed the petition, and posted it to my own FB timeline. So hopefully more signature can come your way.

    I hope and pray that this problem can be ended rapidly, with a happy conclusion of you and yours remaining where you are.

    Blessings and peace

    • Dear llewellyn, your comment arrived at just the right moment to cheer me up as a minor Twitter storm erupted with a Ukip tweeter accusing me of insulting REAL homeless people. I’m no politician but my aim in highlighting this was to help make people aware that this could happen to anybody. I really really appreciate everyone that has taken time to show support and much love

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