Last Day of the Year.


I’ve been awake since about 4am and now as New Year’s Eve dawns I am sitting in the kitchen, cuddling a hot water bottle despite the stove. I wanted to write before but I’m haunted by a sign I once saw on a bookshelf in WHSmith’s ; it said “Misery Memoirs”… I wouldn’t want to inflict more of that on you. But some things need saying.

Its been a rotten Christmas ( apart from having my lovely children home), I’ve been ill (including a trip to A&E where I was over zealous in washing my hands and must have somehow lost one of the rings given to me by my children), we’ve had no water (a neighbour’s Kerosine tank leaked into the water table and we’ve been told not to even wash in it until further notice), a close friend had some tragic news and now I am preparing to send my daughter back to university knowing that she probably won’t get a chance to come home again before we are evicted.

So I have been sitting here this morning donating small amounts to the charities Water Aid (not for the first time due to the awful water here and the realisation that some people live like this all the time)  and Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide  (because my friend is so brave, though she doesn’t know it and so are my other dear friends who have been through the same thing and are some of the kindest strongest most generous people I know).

I really hope 2015 is a good year for everyone and that the world becomes a better, kinder, more equal place  (except for the Trustees of Snilesworth Estate, their land agent and the Sayer Family… I just can’t help it, sorry. Mean people should get all the bad luck, not the lovely people like my friend Helen.) Thank you for all your support in 2014… I will try to have drawings and pictures and good news next time I write x

11 responses to “Last Day of the Year.

  1. So sorry for your troubles. Hope next year is better for you.
    Jacqui x

  2. This is obviously a very difficult time for you. The eviction must be very upsetting and I hope and wish for you to find another lovely peaceful home, a home that will make you feel secure and happy. There is still a lot of kindness and goodness in the world, although sometimes when we are in a dark place it is difficult to see it. I wish you a happier 2015 x

  3. Hugs lovely, I know it’s not much but I’m wishing you and yours a better 2015 after the rotten 2014 and the way you have been treated in relation to Witch Mountain etc. ***virtual hugs*** Things can only get better xx

    Michelle ||

  4. Hugs, and lots of love. A pity the world has to have bad in it for us to recognise the good. xxx

  5. I also am planning to make this year better in many ways! Since starting to follow you on Facebook and praying that your home would be saved, I now have discovered your blog and plan to follow that as well! I hope to get to know you better this coming year and I wish you all the very best in 2015!!!

  6. jayne hewison textile designer

    So sorry to hear you have had such a rotten time. I hope 2015 is a better year for you and your family.

  7. Hello Kim. Have thought of you over this past couple of weeks and wondered how you were faring and if Christmas made any difference in your feelings/mood if only for a short time. I am so sorry to hear yet more unhappy news and problems~ as if you did not have enough to deal with already. The old yin-yang at work it seems~ on one hand a reminder of how fortunate many of us are compared to others, who do not even have the comfort of what we think are simply basics , like water~ a good thing for all of us to remember, but to know something traumatic and devastating has befallen someone lovely that we care for ,and others seem to go blithely on that do mean and thoughtless things, it is hard to reconcile. I wish I could do or say anything that you lift the gloom or change all for the better . I can only send my heartfelt wishes that when the time comes for you to leave there that unexpected beautiful , wondrous things will manifest for you and your family. I hope too that you will not disappear from the blogging world or at least not permanently~ many would miss your unique voice and beautiful work and photos~ Thinking of you and sending all positive energy in your direction. Wishes that the new year will be full of good things for you~ beauty, joy, health and love.

  8. A new day ; a new year; a new start….. Last Christmas for us in this house too not quite eviction but Ex stopped paying when youngest turned 18 last April despite his son not having finished college . Time to look forward….

  9. My heart aches when I think of your plight; I wish you strength to cope with all your troubles and hope that things will result in happiness and peace when you eventually find another home in which to settle. Don’t give up and remember that if you ask for it, people will help where they can.

  10. Wishing you all good things in 2015!

  11. This is such a hard time for you and your loved ones, please do remember that so many people are sending you love and positive thoughts. Please also remember that what you send out comes back to you. You send out kindness, love, creativity and beauty… What will those Snilesworth people be getting back to them?? They should be worried!
    Wishing you a prosperous New Year and I hope that you find a beautiful abode. Xxx

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