A year can fly…

Derwent water after the floods

This past weekend marked a year since the first night in our new home in Newlands Valley; the anniversary has so many emotions attached to it that it was a roller coaster of feelings and memories . The snow had given way to warm rain and greyness so Sunday’s walk was along the shores of Derwent Water, where this storm damaged jetty appealed to my introspective mood… a metaphor for life with its wild ups and downs, rakish camber and, well … the obvious question where is it heading and where do you go when you reach the end? I lay awake for hours the other night with so much I wanted to say about this year and how I got here but the rapid approach of BCTF and the fact that for the moment this blog serves as my website, not just a confessional, means I’m more aware than ever of the need to keep a stiff upper lip, appear positive and not get on my soap box too often. However, just for today let me remind you of what I had to leave behind…

Moorside House Snilesworth Moor in happier times - owned by the evil Hortons of Snilesworth Lodge

…not just a house but a home, a garden, a history, a way of life, family, friends and belonging to a landscape. Congratulations to all those involved for living with your consciences for a year and especially Mr Toby Horton who is currently adding to his community spirited portfolio by failing to supply residents of Ingleby Greenhow with reliable running water from the private water supply he owns; some things never change.

And so the only thing to do is keep on looking forwards, treating others with the kindness and compassion you’d hope for yourself and trying to negotiate the slippery pier without falling in too soon.

House drawing by Kim Tillyer

Last week I received the not unexpected news that the gallery in Keswick were having to make staff cuts following the floods,  and so my year in the Lake District ends as it began, with a search for work and security whilst also throwing myself more wholeheartedly than ever into a more professional approach to my artwork. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Northern Lights Gallery and I’m so sad it’s had to end, not to mention a little worried. I think it is important that people realise just how seriously affected many people have been, and will continue to be, by the floods, not just businesses that actually flooded but also those who are suffering from the road closures and drop in visitor numbers. It’s an ongoing thing and sadly so many small galleries and creative businesses  in particular seem to have been hit over the important Christmas period. Independent galleries are vital in supporting many other small businesses, providing a shop window for all those artists and makers slaving away in leaky studios and cluttered kitchen tables; they also make our towns more attractive and uplifting. So here is my appeal… if you can, please support small galleries and independent businesses, don’t go in and ask for the artist’s website address so you can try and get it cheaper, don’t pick up a greetings card to jot down a name and then walk out without even having the grace to part with the £3 for the card ( it happens ) and if you have a moment have a look at this from Snug Gallery in Hebbden Bridge.

Magic tent by Kim Tilyer vases by Kim Tillyer

Well, the kettle on the stove is about to boil so I really need to be brave, make a pot of tea and make a start on cobbling together my stand design; it will involve cutting and measuring and is bound to end in tears which is why I’ve spent all day avoiding it!

Oh my goodness! I nearly deleted this whole post by accident just then, what a fright. Just time to say THANK YOU yet again for reading, commenting and being generally lovely. To celebrate my first year in the Lake District I’m going to do a long overdue giveaway. If you’d like to be entered in the draw to win a pair of  mugs, embroidered lavender sachet, bear pincushion and various other design samples,  just leave a comment – and share this post on Facebook or Twitter if you can. I’ll pick a winner on February 6th… the last day I spent in North Yorkshire and my parent’s wedding anniversary. Good luck x

witchmountain anniversary giveaway

Listening to:  Kaleidophonica by Spiro ( perfect soundtrack for driving around the mountains )


17 responses to “A year can fly…

  1. Will share to Facebook. I hope it works out better for you soon. Carol Ann x

  2. I just love the way you write, even in heartbreak so poetic. Loving your work goes without saying. I hope you are settled in Cumbria becuse i for one miss your Yorkshire musings. I am sure you will go from strength to strength in your new home by the mountain. Sharing on fb too.

  3. Loving your bear slanted vision . Lots of good luck for a bright new year, Sarah

  4. I love to read about your life and your creative adventures. I do hope that things work out for you. Sending hugs and love up country from Somerset to you in the beautiful Lake District. Lucy xx

  5. In my 70 years I have had many very low moments when I could not understand “why”. Later something would always happen to let me understand or I could see a reason. In time you will look back and understand why these things have happened to you. Believe xx

  6. Wishing you well for your next year among the healing vibes of the mountains.
    Will share your blog.

  7. Wishing you a peaceful and healing 2nd year among the mountains.

  8. A touching post with honesty & full of interest, lovely to read & happy I’ve found your blog, I’m looking forward to reading more.

  9. Love and very best wishes from Ossy. Onwards and upwards! xxx

  10. I love that little rickety pier……I’m doing a painting of a Viking village with a pier just like that one….Blessings to you……what a wonderful giveaway, someone will be very very happy.
    Hope 2016 is a good year for you xoxo Kat

  11. I can’t believe it’s been a year already since you moved! So sorry about the job. Hope 2016 brings better things. What a generous giveaway.
    Jacqui x

  12. Dear Kim; I have been following you since shortly before your big move and have been in awe of your courage and determination in facing all the challenges that have been brought to your door over the last 12 months! You have stood as an example to me as I have struggled this year to nourish my dreams in the face of what seemed to me at the time, insurmountable odds. I read once somewhere that “cheerfulness in the face of calamity is the finest form of courage there is” and I believe that to be true! My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the other dear people effected by the flooding in your lovely country and God willing 2016 will be a better year for all of us!

  13. A lovely idea, keep smiling through… DT X

  14. Oh Kim, I do hope 2016 will be a good one for you xx

  15. You have done brilliantly in the face of adversity Kim when many people would have crumbled.Keep your chin up lovely xx

  16. How rude can people be, stealing cards for notes (or for anything really). Best wishes.

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