Hello, I’m Kim Tillyer and the Witchmountain blog started out as part of my final major project at Cleveland College of Art and Design. I graduated, with first class honours, in Textiles and Surface Design in 2008 and have been working on ways to make a living creatively ever since!

Writing this blog became totally addictive; writing to no one, like sending out a message in a bottle (anyone out there?). So I decided to keep writing and posting images of my work, with links to inspiring things and a bit of random, self-indulgent waffle about what was growing in the garden and what I was listening to or reading. Over the years the blog, and my work, has evolved; things have changed, as things must. In 2015 my life was turned upside down when I was forced to move from my moorland home in North Yorkshire and decided to move to the Lake District to start a new life.

I’ve made some good virtual friends all over the world and really value the comments, support and connections that my readers have given me.

Thank you for reading.
Kim x

me in the woods