Say Cheese…..How to make soft herby cheese.


Here is a quick post that  I meant to write for you AGES ago but I got sidetracked by the garden and so a pile of prints and fabric and old bills soon hid the poor old rusty Mac from view. Anyway, here is a lovely simple recipe for fresh, soft cheese with garden herbs. I learned this from Will Mowbray at the Vine House Cafe in Helmsley when I worked there a few summers ago.

All you need is :-

1 pot of Plain Natural Yoghurt, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Herbs.



Mix the yoghurt with the seasoning and your choice of herbs ( I used fresh Parsley, Chives and Thyme as these were in the garden). Wild Garlic would have been nice if I’d got out in the woods and picked any or maybe chopped chilli? Anyway, tip everything in to your jelly bag and leave to stand overnight in a cool place.



Lo and Behold, the next day you will have a gorgeous ball of soft cheese the texture of light Philadelphia (other brand names may also apply) and absolutely delicious on your home made bread or smothered on Ritz (as above) crackers! I think Will served it in a salad …maybe with Puy lentils, pomegranate, spring onion and cream cheese…



Madly simple and although I’m not sure its cheaper necessarily, you can make it with even basic brand yoghurt and lovely fresh herbs, adjusting the seasoning to your taste and amazing your friends with your domestic skills!

Thank you Will and Monica and Dear Readers, if you get a chance visit the Vine House in the beautiful Walled Gardens and say hello from me.. x



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