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Real Life


I’m typing very quietly to avoid waking the kitchen full of sleeping baby animals. It is the most peaceful it’s been all day, even the wind has given up trying to get in under the doors and down the chimney.Yes, my world has been invaded and I’d almost forgotten how exhausting it is caring for small things. These two pictures were both taken before 8am which, if you knew me in real life, would seem very unlikely.


The weekend began with the miracle of birth; when the egg Jake and I have been carefully turning and keeping warm for the past 21 days started to crack. Within two hours the little monster appeared like a soggy Pokémon and it was so sudden I jumped; as flighty as a mother hen… how it ever fitted in that tiny egg I can’t imagine! It’s a shame that Jake had to go out so he wasn’t here to see it, but due to the joys of technology and hours of sorting out a YouTube channel with snail-speed internet, I can share the moment with you…

So the little creature is now just over two days old ( it’s the Truman Show for chickens) and has fluffed out nicely in its homemade brooder (a wine box with a spotlight bulb). Stricken with the urge to anthropomorphize cute baby animals, but mainly due to the fact that the other egg isn’t meant to hartch until the 19th, we made it a surrogate mum out of a large pompom and attached some tail feathers from “daddy” (see previous post). Several chickeny forums also recommended a mirror and so far these comfort items seem to be doing the trick as it seems pretty contented, singing little songs and doing all those things they do ( eating ,drinking , preening and pooing) as well as some nifty yoga stretches. It will have to toughen up quick though, I don’t want an emotionally needy bantam shadowing my every move…


In between all the animal excitement I have been sewing some things with my Spoonflower fabrics and thinking again about the possibility of making some kind of small business premises in the outbuilding. Would people come? How much would it cost to do up the building and can I raise that amount by selling chicks and the occasional cushion?!


I’m tempted to stay up for hours longer as there is so much to do and think about, there are last minute plans to be made for a pop up exhibition at the Golden Lion , Osmotherley next week (and I accidentally drank coffee at 10pm) but it is time for a last quick walk in the hope that Lola sleeps late tomorrow morning!


Reading:- A Moomin cartoon story collection  Listening To:- Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis on 6Music (annoyingly catchy!) and the gentle peeping of chick.


Drifts of dandelions…

Today , in a maddly out of character burst of energy, I decided to cycle to the village ( to collect my car from the garage). I didn’t rush, fearing that passing drivers would think I was a fitness freak, instead I enjoyed seeing the familiar journey in close -up  and saying the names of plants to myself like some sort of rosary…Cow Parsley,Campion, Stitchwort,Bluebell, Dandelion. Curlews dive bombed me and sheep got suicidal, my legs feel like jelly but it was fun!

More ancient designs to show you today, these involving image transfer and hand embroidery.At least I got the compass the right way round, unlike this time. I’m slowly gathering my scattered work up from various galleries and contemplating whether to re-apply for the AA2A scheme; it could be just the boost I need after a year of gloom and trampled self esteem. Maybe .

So, I’m off to investigate that possibility, since the original plan of planting a row or two of Rocket has been foiled by a giant rain storm. Here is a lovely mosaic of a curlew, on the side of a house in Osmotherley, which I’ve always liked.

( Reading: “Wilderness, the lost writings of Jim Morrison” Listening to: more Elbow and the curlews swooping song, bedtime stories and rain.)

A Little Piece of Heaven

The sunshine does seem to put a different complexion on things. This last weekend felt like a holiday; padding around in bare feet,lounging in the sun reading ( or better still, being read to) and taking an early evening drive to Whitby to eat chips and watch the sun go down. It was lovely having a house full of friends and kids, although I’m sure its not right that the teenagers were all asleep long before the adults!

I told you I got most of my design samples back from the NewLeaf agent didn’t I? Well at least I don’t have to worry about breaking their copyright rules now so I can share a few images with you. The question is, what on earth do I do with nearly 100 samples? What can I recycle them in to?!

You can see Toast,the model for one of these designs, snoozing by the watering can, enjoying the sunshine.

So,how very British to be discussing the weather! But it has been lovely and everyone seems happier, if a little redder! Next weekend Jane Thorniley-Walker is opening up her shed gallery again so if you’re in Osmotherley on Saturday follow the signs and take a look.

(Reading: ” My Other Life” Paul Theroux  Listening to:6Music in general, “The Bones of You” Elbow )

“Slightly Foxed”

Hello from the land of mud and mole hills! I have to appologise for the quality of my photography today; it was very late last night when I took the picture above though. Its not finished yet but as soon as it is I’ll have to get a decent photo so I can add it to my PoppyTalk Handmade virtual market stall which will be online from next Tuesday.I’ve got quite alot to do before then though so mustn’t waffle on today,

Yesterday I found these lovely old books at the village book sale ( This is open every week and raises money for the church roof or something). I wanted to get some old map books to use in my work, or perhaps alter these to use as journals but in the end I’m too well trained and just cannot cut up a book ! Aren’t they beautiful though, with embossed covers and lovely floral designs. They smell musty and gorgeous too.

So, obviously it was partly the titles that appealed to me, ha ha! So here as promised is my Anti-Valentine giveaway……

Only a little offering but its the thought that counts isn’t it? leave a comment before the  18th telling me  the name of your favorite love/ break-up song and as an antidote I could be sending you this cheerful owl card, hand embroidered bear brooch and a set of my little moo stickers….

Share the love. x

Open All Hours

I’ve been playing shops this week! ( Ooh I just got all nostalgic for those toy Post Offices and a sweet shop I once got for Christmas when I was about 7!) last night I updated my Etsy shop and listed some of the things that didn’t sell on Sunday.There’s more to come but apparently its a good idea to list things on Etsy in a staggered way so that they appear on the front page for longer!

The fair on Sunday in Osmotherley went pretty well, despite our stand being on the stage which intimidated some people ,who obviously feared they would have to do ” a turn” if they set foot on it!

Lindsey, David and I were a little fragile after a very late night ( SoniQue was dj-ing at the local dance hall) but were sustained by coffee, mince pies and general silliness.I sold all my little lavender bear brooches and forgot to take a picture of them which I’m sad about, but I’ll definitely be making more as they were so popular.

Now I have to catch up on some household chores…mainly buying some food, since the cupboards are bare.Until next time x

First Snow

December arrived in style here on Witchmountain, snow,ice and of course the school bus failing to arrive. As you can see there wasn’t much snow but the bus is an “executive mini bus” and not really suitable for the job ( I’m sure they just don’t want to get it dirty!).

Today I’m in a land of greyness; misty, monochrome landscape. Its so dark, i feel like making a big fire in the garden (but I don’t think it would burn, the air is so damp). Anyway, the stove is going like a dream; with my blue enamel pan stewing the coffee, so I’m busy making some little bear brooches for Sunday and some other odds and ends that may or may not make me some pennies. If you’re near Osmotherley this Sunday come to the Village Hall between 1 and 5 – apparently there will be stalls including Lewis and Cooper (deli), Roots Farm Shop and various local produce ( cards, photography, small gifts, jewellery etc) as well as activities for the kids. You can also call in the Golden Lion for a delicious lunch (I won’t be at work so thats all good!) and a pint of real ale.

I stopped on the way home yesterday to take these pictures. The one on the left is Robinson’s Cross which supposedly marks the spot where a poacher was hung for his crimes…I’m going to look that up in a moment as I’m not sure of the story. Not much changes up here on the moors!

Here’s a photo of my cat piece in the Zillah Bell Gallery. Their Christmas exhibition runs until early January and I’m excited to have something on their wall!

Right, time to rescue the coffee and get some work done. x

“Wild is the Wind”

Wild and windy up on Witchmountain today… I just looked out and saw some kind of hawk ( Sparrow Hawk?) balancing in the air outside my window…so beautiful and amazing to see it holding itself so steady when even the big Oak is struggling against the wind .

I’m still slowly gathering a few things together to try and make some pennies. This purse is another early “zip  experiment” involving a vintage tablecloth, some print and stitch.Its a bit wonky but of course this is part of the CHARM of “handmade stuff”…thats what I’m saying anyway!

My lovely stickers came from Moo. We are all raving about this company with its friendly and quirky style; everything from the packaging to the e-mail confirming your order just makes you smile. I have no plans for my stickers yet , I’m just a sucker for stationary !

So, upcoming events…Lindsey is at Worsall Village Hall on Friday night with her stall and on December 6th we are at Osmotherley “Christmas Extravaganza” along with Jane Thorniley-Walker and Heidi Turner. Don’t forget the Designers Marketplace in Middlesbrough Town Hall on The 29th. I’ve done NOTHING about Christmas yet which is terrible ,so hopefully I’ll be able to get lots of lovely things from there.

Time to get the stove going now… x