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“Paint it Black”

Yesterday I made this top for my friend Sarah’s 30th birthday. I’m madly proud of the fact that in a crazy burst of energy, fueled I think by listening to 6Music ( Faithless remix)instead of Radio4, I managed to paint several walls (white not black…), design and cut the stencil, print, embellish,wash and wrap this gift! The main picture is a bit odd because I was messing about with the contrast settings on my phone last night after the pub…you know how it is, I don’t think I was a very good judge of image quality at the time!

I think I like the fact that it was done so quickly but was so effective. I used some “Jaquard” discharge paste with a cardboard stencil and a blank screen. Steaming in an ordinary kitchen steamer ( or steam iron it says on the jar) bleaches out the colour. It’s one of the most exciting printing processes because you can’t tell what the result will be until you lift the lid.

Now, tomorrow is Mother’s Day and, I have to say I’m not looking forward to work as its going to be horribly busy and I’m a bear with a sore head at the moment. I’m wishing I was being brought breakfast in bed on this gorgeous vintage bed tray from Solstice Home instead of working as a waitress, but there you go, you can’t have everything and life is not a bowl of cherries.Anyway, Happy Mothers Day to my lovely mother who obviously is the best in the world.

Just to say also, my month at Poppytalk Handmade ended today…no sales but lots of new links to Witchmountain and visitors to my Etsy shop, so thank you to everyone who looked. x


A Break in The Clouds?

I think I’m coming out of hibernation;yesterday an uncharacteristic rush of energy saw me baking bread,cakes and pies, doing a little gardening, cleaning the bathroom and making some more brooches (and all this with a slight Jagermeister hangover!). By evening I was a grumpy monster but at least felt that some small things had been achieved!

Lindsey has been coming up to work on her Final Major Project on Mondays and is doing some really interesting stuff with re-cycled board, laser cutting and embroidery…have a look on her blog.I’m wishing I had access to some of that equipment ( although she’s had to go to another place for the laser cutting because CCAD won’t let the students use the machine!!!) and also desperately wishing I had a workspace that meant not having to put everything away at meal times ( pins in the pies, beads in the butter…not a good idea!).

My “Moo” mini cards arrived today, very sweet in their little box that acts as a tiny filing system.meanwhile I’m excited to see how Sara‘s portfolio book turns out. She has ordered it from Blurb with fingers tightly crossed that it gets here in time for her college interview.

Now I’ve got another brooch to finish before heading out to work, so I’ll take my leave. Tomorrow I’ll be in Middlesbrough at the “We Are Open” shop and I think there is still time, before the theme changes, to head over to Poppytalk Handmade .

“Poet for Sale”

This time the snow took me by surprise ; so much so that there was actually washing on the line, frozen solid and dusted with white! Sara and Jake had to miss school today so we walked down to look at the icicles at Blow Gill and take photographs with the birthday camera.

Sara has kindly taken loads of new pictures of my work for me, which involved standing outside in the freezing cold for ages, so “Thank You” Sara.Now I just need to re-size some of them and get a couple more things listed on Etsy. making some pennies has become urgent now as I seem to have developed a very expensive book habit ! I’m also lusting after a bag and purse made by Paper Plane …they would come in very handy if i could ever get it together to do a bit of travelling!( I just love post, and letter writing and stamps as I’ve said before so these would be perfect…hint hint!)

I got an e-mail from a college friend today telling me about “We Are Open” a pop-up-shop that she will be running during March.The shop will showcase surface design and textile /fashion designers and makers from the area and will be at 5 Newport Road , Middlesbrough (Next to Jessop’s photo shop opposite Binns).The link above is for their Facebook group and has more information.It sounds such a good idea.

Now, I must curl up with my coffee and begin my new books “Tove Jansson Rediscovered” and Book 1 of the Moomin comic strip…its been a very emotionally trying weekend and I’m hoping these will sooth my troubled soul. Don’t forget to have a look over at Poppytalk Handmade, there is some lovely stuff to be found there.

(Listening to: Faze Action “Samba”(Roger Sanchez Darkstar mix) and “Poet for Sale” Daevid Allen/Gong )

Virtual World Traveller

Typical, I was hoping to take some better photographs today but the fog and sleet descended and the windows steamed up and the fire wouldn’t go.Yesterday, while I was at work customers kept driving me mad saying “ooh, isn’t it a lovely day ?”  when obviously I was trapped inside and COULD NOT SEE THE LOVELY DAY!

Ok, rant over! There is a smell of  spring in the air ( damp and mud) and in a few weeks the curlews will return . This year I MUST  tend my garden and at least  create the  appearance  of having things slightly under control!

These wintery pictures are once again from my old favorite sketch book ( now almost 2 years old).Lindsey came up for our weekly coffee fueled “work” session today and I found myself being so jealous of her still being at college. Her work’s looking great and I can’t wait for the degree show.

Well, the Poppytalk thing is now online and I’m worrying about how my offerings look/are priced etc in comparison to everybody elses…damn self doubt! I’m not sure why (because of PoppyTalk?)but lots of new people from different parts of the world have been viewing Witchmountain and leaving lovely comments which is really heartwarming…today I have been to Washington State, France, Vancouver and Sweden(?) returning their visits! Thank you.

Oh, what are you having in your pancakes tomorrow?! xxx

Fragments of a Lost Story

“Left in The Cold” Kim Tillyer 2010(detail)

Well, I feel as though I’ve achieved something today; I survived working Valentine’s Day at the Golden Lion, sortedout my Etsy/Poppytalk listings, organized and labeled  files of paperwork and even managed to eat some actual fresh vegetables for my supper, instead of toast!

This canvass is now finished and hanging in my virtual gallery at PoppyTalk handmade. Even if I don’t sell anything I’m enjoying a weird sense of excitement about it because its a whole new audience and you just never know who might be looking; also it feels a bit as though the bears have gone home…it was all about Vancouver after all.

“Left in The Cold” Kim Tillyer 2010(detail)

Its been lovely reading your comments on the previous post…so nice to see some new names and also to hear your song suggestions, many of which I’d never heard of ,so I need to check them out!

“Air Mail” Kim Tillyer 2010

This is another of the things I’ve been doing lately; a little square canvass with some lovely vintage lace, as well as paint, embroidery and collage.The quote on the side is from “Atonement” but you know, I think we’ve all said it at one time or another…

Now after my busy day I think I’m going to have an early night…I’m re-reading “Moominland Midwinter” and loving it even more than the first time.I ration myself and try to read slowly because there are NO MORE!

Walk Unafraid

Well I seem to have been wandering around lost in thought for the past few days; not somewhere I recommend spending too much time, the inside of my head! Today, a fresh fall of the right kind of snow ( the sort that clings to every branch and freezes the inside of your lungs) seems to have given me a little more motivation, thank goodness. Realizing I have only 5 days left before I need to start uploading images to Poppytalk Handmade and have yet to finish the batch of brooches promised to the March Hare Gallery, drove me back to my favorite sketchbook for a bit of inspiration.

It probably seems crazy to be getting my inspiration from a place I’ve never been and an animal I’ve never seen when I’m surrounded by the beauty of the North York Moors, HOWEVER, since this PoppyTalk thing is meant to be all to do with Vancouver I’m hoping my mild (ha ha) obsession might make sense to someone! Right now I’m just feeling slightly smug about the fact that i’m sitting here surrounded by gorgeous snow while the organizers of the Winter Olympics are having to fly snow in to Vancouver because there is none on the ski slopes!!

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me.Caffeine and a small Jura should help the creative process. x

( I haven’t forgotten about that anti-valentine giveaway, just trying to decide on a thing to give…)

Poppies and Forget-Me-Nots

“Forget-Me-Not” Kim Tillyer 2010

Happy February! I can’t quite believe it is this time of year again and in 19 days time my little daughter will be EIGHTEEN!!! ….Quickly moving on before you start doing the maths and buying me a zimmer frame…

I have now finished #4 of the Traveling Bear series and have been selected for a place in PoppyTalk’s themed Handmade Market. I decided to take part in this online market ( you pay for a “virtual” table which is then promoted on the blog) because the theme was based on the fact that the Winter Olympics 2010 are being held in Vancouver, home of “PoppyTalk” and also, as some of you know, the reason and inspiration behind much of my work….( Grrrr!).My work will be on its virtual table from February 15th until March 12th.

“Let Go” Kim Tillyer 2010

Last night after a day at work and a nasty headache, I got carried away doodling with some pen and ink and this is the result.I’m going to steal the pens from Jake’s room later and see if the effect works just as well with other colours…

So, since I’m paying good money I’d better get busy making sure I have more than two things to exhibit at PoppyTalk! I’ve also got lots more brooches to make for The March Hare, so bye for now.

(Listening to: Lily the Black Bear‘s cub,”chittering” )