Shops & Galleries

My new website now has a shop! Please follow the link below for beautiful cards, statement lighting and jewellery. Original works and a trade only section will be added soon.


Work is for also for sale in various shops and galleries and also online in the following places : Artfinder , Etsy, Woven Monkey and Spoonflower

The images below are just a small selection of sold and unsold work. Please contact me if you are interested in anything and would like more information.








2 responses to “Shops & Galleries

  1. Hi Kim

    Walked by your cottage today and looked up your website, we are at High Snab Barn on a weeks holiday. Was moved to write a story for my next book of short stories ‘Chaotic and Curious’ this afternoon entitled ‘The Wolf of Witch Cottage’ a mysterious tale.

    I am a writer also my first book entitled ‘An Innocent to Arms’ since publication in May amongst Best Books of the Month and Best Books of the Year on

    Love your site

    Jayne x

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